The design tool for spreadsheets

Spreadsheets don't need to be ugly and hard to build

Subset app with four well designed spreadsheets on a canvas analyzing a startup budget.

Great spreadsheets start with design

Subset is a full-featured spreadsheet on an endless canvas, engineered for best practices.

Clean formatting by default

Name tables, color code datasets, and add notes and context for your team.

Logical structure

Split analysis into smaller components. Arrange tables to visualize and communicate data flow.

Effortless team collaboration

The entire team can work in the same file without conflicts and breaking changes.

I love the idea of having a canvas with lots of spreadsheets in view. It's the best expression of how I use spreadsheets today.

Kai Jellinghaus

This is one of the coolest products I've seen... multiple data analysts working off of one data source on a canvas.

Jorrel Sto Thomas

Templates for every setup

Experience a new way to work with numbers